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1 Minute Typing Test

Quick Numeric Key Test using 10 Keys

Why is data entry test important

Above you will find a Data Entry Test similar to the one used by emergency dispatch unit. As one of the prominent places for Data Entry Jobs is within the field of emergency dispatch units. In the job, as calls for emergency personnel are taken, the callers information is inputted live. As soon as you press start the data entry test will start with 60 second count down. Enter the fields with the correct text and click next to continue to fill another form. This is an amazing way to speed up your typing speed while doing a data entry test. For many it is hard to increase your speed and it does not help by doing easy typing tests as your speed may increase but when it comes to harder words then your rate or errors will also increase.

You will also find a Typing Speed Test next to Data Entry Test that analysis your speed, errors and shows you what keys to type. In any job, you are required to type for at least one hour a day in filling out forms or other things. A good typer does not look at the keys, keeps their wrists raised and keeps proper posture. Just click on the screen to start the test, you may select your desired level or custom words to get  started.

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A 10 key numeric test is also available on this site to help those who need to type numbers on a daily basis. Practice helps your fingers to memorize or develop a conditioning regime to determine the exact location of keys. Once location is found then typing is mearly a second thought and you can multitask easily afterwords.

Data entry test are used by many professions as the first filtering process in a series of steps to getting a job. Data entry test are a great way to start as many online data entry tests or job tests are much harder with limited time. Great lighting, ergonomic chair and ergonomic mouse and keyboard all help to increase your speed as your fingers swiftly mover over the keys. When you are in the work environment then a constant typing for almost 8 hours get give you sore muscles on your lower back, neck and wrist. Be sure to prop your wrists on a small pad when doing a data entry test to keep then from rubbing on the table as this can create a rash. It is essential when writing a data entry test.   Online data entry test or 10 key data entry test as the one on this page are an amazing way to improve your ability on the computer as well. To increase your speed in a data entry test try and use keyboard shortcuts while filling out a form such as ctrl + tab for the next entry field or shift + ctrl + tab for the previous field. Remember you have more fingers on the keyboard then you do on the mouse and you have more options on the keyboard than the mouse. Use a Typing Speed Test or Data Entry test such as 10 key test to further improve your ability.

Data entry Test

Starting with easy words and working your way to harder and longer words improves your brains ability to have predictive typing abilities.
 A good way to start or improve your typing skills is typing keys without looking at them while multitasking.  
 Using your thumbs or limited number of fingers as fast as possible to type is a needed ability in this modern era. 
 Start by opening up a notepad and practicing writing and using tab and return key first.  
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